Radish Microgreens

Purple leaves, pink stem and high in Vitamin K, A great hot and spicy addition to any meal


Wheatgrass juice has been a mainstay in health and nutrition for over 20 years.  With high concentration of chlorophyll, this important nutrient is what cells use to heal and thrive

Pea Shoots

Fast growing, with the taste of fresh peas, these shoots pack a punch with high vitamin C content.

Sunflower Shoots

Great as part of a salad, or a snack on their own. a robust green with a nutty flavour, they are high in vitamin A,C and E, and have a protein content of approximately 5%

Red veined Sorrel

This variegated green with red vein microgreen is another eye and palate pleaser

Meet the Microgreens

The Microgreen family is extensive and can consist of tiny herbs, vegetables and legumes. Packed with nutrition they make for a great garnish, accompaniment or salad of their own.

All Microgreens are grown in a medium consisting of peat, perlite and organically certified NASAA seedling mix. 

UV filtered rainwater is used in this mixed climate controlled hydroponic system, and is operated according to Freshcare and FSANZ standards.

Red Garnet - Amaranth

A striking and vivid colour, a favourite amongst chefs

Purple Basil

Petite, with a vivid deep purple, and a clove/basil aroma, always sure to impress.